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Paint Corrections 

Removing Swirl Marks

Here at RoadShine we are professionals when it comes to the removal of swirl marks and scratches. The removal process start by first giving your vehicle a thorough foam bath wash to rid of any dirt on the paint. Second we remove any contamination from the surface of the paint using the clay bar application and with an acid free iron remover. The different contaminants that can settle on the paint are overspray, tree sap, tar, brake dust, industrial fallout and rail dust. These contaminants if not removed quickly can damage your paint and wheels. Third we mask off any plastic or rubber trim to prevent any compounds or polishes from staining those surfaces. Lastly we will use our dual action polishers with the correct polishing pads, polishes or compounds to safely remove any imperfections. A vehicle may need 1 - 3 steps of paint correcting depending on the condition of the paint and can take up to two days for completion. Once the vehicle is free from swirls and scratches we will then apply the paint protectant to prevent any damage that occur from uv solar rays. Please call us today to schedule an appointment so that your vehicle can be swirl free and have that mirror reflection finish you have always dreamed of having!

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Why They Accure & How To Prevent Swirl Marks

Swirls and scratches appear on a vehicle for many different reasons. As a new vehicle from the dealership they are made when taking vehicles through automatic car washes, transported to and from dealers, and also when keeping up with there weekly quick 3min rinse and dry details for the cars stationed in the lot. Ouch! Other reasons for swirls and scratches are from improper washing techniques. As for automatic car washes, they are a bad idea due to the mass of vehicles that go through them. You cant properly keep those wash brushes super clean because of all the dirt, mud and crud they accumulate. The same goes with the "do it yourself" carwash places. The brushes aren't properly cleaned because of the amount of debris accumulated from those dirty vehicles. For those washing at home you need to have the proper tools and technique to successfully keep your vehicle swirl free! To do this you will need a microfiber wash mitt for washing and the wash applied using the two or three bucket method with grit guards inserted to trap dirt to the bottom. Wash top to bottom constantly dipping your mitt in the water bucket for rinsing and dipped again into the soap bucket when you see that your mitt has gotten dirty. For the wheels you will need a separate bucket and brushes so that you keep away from the washing buckets and washing tools. As for drying you will need big microfiber drying towels. Do not dry in circular motions but instead dry in straight patterns. As you are cleaning your vehicle always take your time and wash with love. You do this and you will always have a new looking vehicle!

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