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High End Vehicles

Here are vehicles that are treated with some of the most care to ensure The Ultimate Protection! We use special products, tools, and equipment going above and beyond to make sure that your car is well protected from getting damaged. Also because of using some of the best products the industry has to offer, your vehicle can stand out from the rest and recieve the attention it deserves!

Rims, Brakes & Tires

Here at RoadShine we take wheels serious! We carry three different wheel cleaners from one bieng a non acid wheel cleaner, the second a citrus ph neutral wheel gel cleaner, to our top of the line brake dust and dirt removal wheel cleaner we use for our higher end vehicles. We use a bucket with Grit guard inserted and with about four different unique wheel cleaning bruses to ensure extra protection on your valuable wheels. 

Daily Driven Vehicles

Just about everyone has one. The vehicle used getting you to and from work, school, errands, family trips and more. These vehicles get tons of abuse from the elements outside and from you and your kids inside. But here at RoadShine no job is to tough no job to big to tackle. We Clean, Condition, and Restore your vehicle to like new Inside and Out.

Headlight Restoration & Engine Detailing

We provide the Ultimate Headlight Restoration Package. Depending if your headlights require the three step, (compound, polish, & seal) or require our signature four step process, (sand, compound, polish & seal) your headlights will come out looking restored, clear and new! We top off every headlight with our top quality UV protector sealant to withstand harmful uv rays and from the harsh outside elements. Engine Detailing - we clean, restore, and protect engine bays on a high grade scale. Treated and Degreased to a clean touch finish! Then treated with a fine soft gloss dressing to give whats under the hood the look and feel of a new engine bay that youve always desired!

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